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(00d Works—hot Meritorious, Let us know among ourselves what is good-'9" xxxiv. the future for good works in this life, is a question we need Sot labor to substantiate. 3, 3. Ps. xvi. 2.) 'Thy goodness not unto him, and H.e. that sinneth against him . Together they went to school, together they read from the same book.
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John 9 Meaning

And yet the rut, formed by the highest part of its circumference, so forsaken is, that there where crust was, now is mould. Hugh of St. The flaming courtesy of brother Thomas and his discerning speech have moved me thus to celebrate so great a paladin, and with me likewise moved this company. Intellectual Happiness Spirits of Theologians and Philosophers.

There they praised nor Bacchus nor Apollo, but three Persons in one sole nature, the divine, and that, in but one Person with the human joined. The song and dance completed each its measure; whereat those holy lights gave heed to us, rejoicing thus to pass from care to care. Thence to the lowest creatures It descends from act to act, and such becomes, that naught It makes but brief contingencies; and these contingencies I understand to be those generated things the moving heavens produce by means of seed and without seed.

Of these the wax, and that which mouldeth it, are not of one same kind; hence, underneath the ideal stamp, they more or less reflect it; it hence results that, after its own kind, one selfsame plant bears better fruit and worse; and that with different natures ye are born. If tempered to perfection were the wax, and if the heavens were at their height of power, the whole light of the seal would be revealed;.

Hence, if the Flaming Love dispose and stamp the Lucid Vision of the Primal Power, complete perfection is therein acquired. For worse than vainly leaveth he the shore, who fishes for the truth and hath no skill, since, such as he set out, he comes not back; and in the world are patent proofs of this Parmenides, Melissus, Bryson, aye, and many who advanced, but knew not whither. So did Sabellius, Arius and those fools who to the Scriptures were as sword-blades are, in making faces crooked, which were straight. Let not dame Bertha or sir Martin think, on seeing one man rob, and one give alms, that they behold them as they seem to God; for that one may get up, and this one fall.

The Fifth Heaven Mars. In rounded vessels water moves from rim to center, and from center so to rim, according as one strikes it from without or from within. Tell him, then, if the light, wherewith your substance is flowering, will remain with you the same eternally as even now it is; and if it still remain so, tell him how, when ye have been made visible again, it can be such as not to hurt your sight. He that lamenteth that we die down here to live up yonder, hath not seen up there the comfort of the eternal rain.

Its clarity is patterned on our ardor, and our ardor upon our vision, and as keen is that, as is the grace it hath above its worth. O thou true sparkling of the Holy Spirit! How suddenly and glowingly it flashed before mine eyes, which, vanquished, stood it not! I hence gained strength to raise mine eyes again; and with my Lady alone I saw myself borne to a higher grade of blessedness. My memory overcomes my genius here; because that Cross so lightened forth the Christ, that I can find therefor no fit example; but whosoever taketh up his cross and follows Christ, will pardon me again for what I leave, when in that glow he sees the Christ flash forth.

Thus we here see, straight and crooked, swift and slow, and ever renewing their appearance, particles of bodies long and short, as through a ray they move, whereby at times that shade is streaked, which folk, to shield them, make with skill and art. And as a viol or a harp, attuned with many strings, a pleasant tinkling makes for one by whom the music is not caught; so from the lights which there appeared to me, a melody was gathered through the Cross, which rapt me, though I made not out the hymn.

So much in love with it did I become, that naught had ever fettered me before with such sweet bonds. My words, perhaps,. How shall those substances to righteous prayers be deaf, who ceased from song with one accord, to give me the desire to pray to them? Thou deemest that to me thy thoughts flow down from Him who Primal is, as from a one, if known it be, proceeds a five and six; yet who I am, thou dost not ask of me, nor wherefore I appear to thee more glad than any other in this joyous throng. But that the holy love, wherewith I watch with sight perpetual, and which causes me to thirst with sweet desire, may be fulfilled the better, let thy voice, firm, bold, and glad, proclaim the will, proclaim the wish, whereto my answer has already been decreed!

But in the case of mortals, will and speech, because of reasons manifest to you, are differently feathered in their wings; hence I, who mortal am, now realize this inequality, and render thanks with heart alone to thy paternal greeting. I earnestly beseech thee, living topaz, set in this precious jewel like a gem, that with thy name thou make me satisfied. Florence, within the ancient ring of walls, from which she still receives her tierce and nones, sober and modest still, abode in peace.

No bracelets had she then, nor coronets, nor dames with ornamented shoes, or belts more likely to be looked at than themselves;. Not yet had Montemalo been surpassed by your Uccellatoio, which, outdone in its ascent, will be so in its fall. O lucky women! Sure of her burial place was each, and none as yet deserted in her bed for France.

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As great a marvel then would a Cianghella, or Lapo Salterello have been held, as Cincinnatus or Cornelia now. The Emperor Conrad afterward I followed, and among his chivalry he belted me a knight, by my good deeds I so obtained his favor. There by that vile folk was I released from that deceitful world, the love of which debases many souls, and from my martyrdom attained this peace.

O thou our small nobility of blood! Thou truly art a cloak which soon grows short; so that from day to day, if thou be not patched out, time goes around thee with its shears. My mind is by so many brooklets filled with joy, that it congratulates itself that, without breaking, it can stand the strain.

John, how large it was, and who were in it then, that in the highest seats deserved to sit.

Glorious appearance of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ amen Hallelujah

Let of my forebears this suffice to hear; for as to who they were, and whence came hither, silence is more commendable than speech. If those who in the world are lowest fallen, had not step-mother-like to Caesar been, but kind, as to her son a mother is; one such is now a Florentine, and barters and trades, who would have turned to Semifonti, where formerly his grandsire mounted guard.

If thou consider Luni and Urbisaglia how they have gone, and how now in their wake Chiusi and Sinigaglia go their way,. All your creations die, as well as you; but death conceals itself in some that long endure, while individual lives are short! The stock whence the Calfucci sprang was great already; while already were the Sizii and Arigucci raised to curule chairs. And oh, how great I saw those now undone through arrogance!

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Then, too, the golden balls decked Florence forth in all her mighty deeds. So likewise fared the ancestors of those, who, when your church is vacant, always fatten by staying in consistory together. Already had the Caponsacco dropped from Fiesole into the Market, while, as townsmen, good were Guida and Infangato. Both the Gualterotti and Importuni were already there; and now their Borgo would more quiet be, if from new neighbors it were fasting still. The family, which to your tears gave birth, through the just scorn which brought about your death, and put an end to your once happy life, was honored, in itself and in its kin.

How, Buondelmonte, ill-advised thou wast to flee their marriage, counselled by another! Many would happy be, who now are sad, if God had to the Ema granted thee, when coming for the first time into town; but Florence to that mutilated stone which guards the bridge, must needs a sacrifice afford, when in her final hour of peace. With these same families, and others with them Florence I saw in such a state of rest, that no occasion had she then for tears; with these same families I saw her then so glorious and so righteous, that the Lily was never set upon a staff reversed, nor made, because of her divisions, red.

The Happiness of Heroism Foreknowledge and Freedom. As through his false and cruel step-mother Hippolytus left Athens, so must thou leave Florence. This is willed already, this. As usually, the blame will be imputed to the wronged in public outcry; but revenge for it will witness to the truth dispensing it. Its deeds will furnish proof of its bestiality; hence well-becoming will it be for thee to have made thyself a party by thyself. By reason of his youth, the nations are not yet aware of him, for only nine years have these wheels revolved around him; but, before the Gascon cheat the noble Henry, sparks of his character will manifest themselves by disregard for money or for toil.

And yet I would not have thee envious toward thy neighbors, because thy life far longer will extend than will the punishment of their bad faith.

For if, when tasted first, thy voice shall prove offensive, it will after leave behind it, when once digested, vital nourishment. This cry of thine will do as doth the wind, which strikes the loftiest summits most; and this will no slight honor prove. Hence only souls well known to fame were shown thee in these Heavens, upon the Mount, and in the woeful Vale; because the mind of him who hears rests not, nor strengthens its belief by illustrations based upon what is hidden and unknown, or by an argument that is not clear.

This only of that moment can I tell, that my affection, while I gazed at her, was freed from longing for all other things, as long as Joy Eternal, which directly shone on Beatrice, with its reflected aspect was from her lovely face contenting me. As our affection here is seen at times upon our countenance, if such it be that our whole spirit is thereby absorbed; so, in the flaming of the blest effulgence to whom I turned, I recognized his wish to have a little further talk with me.


And then,. Round to my right I turned me to behold in Beatrice my duty, signified by speech or act; and I beheld her eyes so joyous and so clear, that what she seemed surpassed her other and her latest wont. Each singing to its note, they moved at first; then, on becoming one of these same letters, they stopped a little while, and silent kept. They then displayed themselves in consonants and vowels five times seven; and as their parts seemed to be said to me, I noted them.

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Diligite Justitiam were first verb and noun of all that was depicted there; Qui Judicatis Terram were the last. And other lights I saw descend upon the summit of the M, and rest there, singing, I believe, the Good which draws them to Itself. Then, as when logs are struck while burning, endless sparks fly up, whence fools are wont to draw their auguries;. He who paints there hath none to be His guide, but is His own guide; and from Him derives the instinct which is formative in nests.

O soldiers of the heaven I contemplate, pray ye for those that are on earth, all gone astray behind the bad example there! War was once carried on with swords; but now by taking here and there that bread away, the Pitying Father keepeth locked from none. But thou, that writest but to cancel, think that Peter and Paul, who for that vineyard died, which thou art laying waste, are still alive!

Before me now, with wings outspread, appeared the lovely image, which in sweet fruition those joyous interwoven spirits made. Each one of them a little ruby seemed, wherein a ray of sunlight burned so brightly, that it was mirrored back into mine eyes. Well do I know that, even if in Heaven Justice Divine makes of another realm its looking-glass, yours apprehends it not through any veil. Ye know with what attention I gird myself to listen; and ye know the doubt which is so old a fast for me.

And this assures one that the first proud being who greater was than all created spirits, through not awaiting light, untimely fell;. The vision, therefore, which your world receives, into Eternal Justice penetrates as doth an eye into the sea; because, though it perceive its bottom near the shore, when on the deep it sees it not; yet there it is, but its great depth conceals it. That is not light, which comes not from the Sky which never clouds itself; but rather darkness, a shadow of the flesh, or else its poison.

Wherein consists the Justice which condemns him? Where is his fault, if he believeth not?

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Surely for him who subtly strives with me, were not the Scriptures ruling over you, wondrous occasions would there be for doubt. O earthly creatures! O uncultured minds! That much is just, which is therewith accordant; no good created draws It to itself, but It by radiating causes it. But many, lo! What will the Persians to your rulers say, when lying open they shall see the Book, wherein all their dispraises are inscribed?